Tony Forrest Wildlife Art

This new updated website is a showcase for my work, both wildlife and also Venice, Cornwall and other subjects.  If you are interested in viewing my originals or require any further information please contact my agents, DeMontfort Fine Art.  The wildlife gallery on this site shows a selection of my favourite paintings inspired by Africa and India. You can also click on the more art index page to explore some of my other art activities.  Prices and availability are not shown on this site as all sales are dealt with by my agents.  We are a team!  You can also contact me direct if you require further information.  Thank you.

My main speciality is producing oil paintings of the natural world. The world's wildlife serve as a true reminder of how wonderful but also how fragile our planet is.  We owe it to our children to look after it.  We do not own it, but are custodians for future generations.  I hope that my paintings serve as a reminder that the wildlife with which we share this planet is in danger of being lost for ever unless we all take positive steps to conserve it.

Coming soon

    A forthcoming publication will feature a step by step workshop in which I explain how I paint and my thought process. I will post details on this site when appropriate.  There will also be a short video of the process online so you will be able to see how I paint.